Relationship Building: The Foundation of Our Practice Philosophy

by Dr. Crystal Berarducci

My dream of being a vet has closely been tied to being involved in practice ownership. I have been involved with Braden River since before vet school, so the opportunity for ownership to be at Braden River and North River Animal Hospitals is even more meaningful to me. Dr. Clekis’ mentorship has allowed me to grow and mature my skills, as well as build relationships with the best clients and patients. As I take on more leadership responsibility at both our hospitals, I wanted to share with you, our clients, some of our values and beliefs.

As we enter our 18th year in operation at Braden River Animal Hospital, we continually remind ourselves of the most important components that have sustained a place in our beloved Bradenton community. Providing progressive, cutting edge veterinary care, prioritizing care and compassion, and the invaluable relationships we have maintained with pet owners has been our top priority. Parleying these values with the start-up of North River Animal Hospital was also very essential in 2017 when we built our sister practice in Parrish.

Among these cores values, the relationships that we have established with pet owners is a theme that we not only reflect on this year, yet a philosophy that we certainly intend on premiering throughout ongoing years as well as we look toward and plan for our future. This month, we honor the invaluable relationships we have with you and wanted to thank you for the many reasons why.

What we value most is the fact that by entrusting us with the medical care of your beloved pet(s), we understand that every client has a choice when choosing a family doctor for their pet. Thank you for trusting the high level of expertise and standards of care our veterinary doctors prepare for in order to offer optimal veterinary care. We also continually train and educate ourselves in the latest advancements in veterinary medicine and are very excited to discuss new developments with you. We treat each of our patients as if our own and understand the importance of these special family members.

The foundation of our relationships is built on the doctor-patient-client bond that we want to establish and maintain with each of you. Doing so, establishes a deeper understanding of your pet’s healthcare needs. By also having these relationships in place, we want to encourage our clients to discuss the needs of their pets and feel comfortable communicating with us the details of our recommended treatment plans, suggested alternative options, if necessary, and more.

Pets cannot speak so we value your insight and encourage that we work in a collaborative environment with you. Having insight on why or why not specific feeding schedules might work, post-surgical planning for ideal patient recovery or environmental considerations when accepting new pets into a household are important factors, among many, to discuss with us. It is very important to us that we provide a safe and comfortable space to each of you so that our discussions can positively lead to providing the best quality of life for your pet(s).

Our efforts to ensure that patient care is delivered with care and compassion is essential to our mission statement. Addressing needs in an understanding way is also a component that very much extends to you, our clients. Maintaining healthy relationships always requires communication and compassion so please let us know if you may have any concerns to discuss with us or if we’ve made any mistakes. Each of our Hospital Managers want to receive any feedback that can help correct any issues or help us improve the services that we provide.

As we look to the future, I want to thank each of our clients for allowing us to be a part of their lives. Each member of our team works hard daily to meet and exceed your expectations in customer service and the care we provide. It is truly an honor to be a part of you and you pets lives as we continue to strive for better health and more time with our four-legged counterparts.

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