When traveling with pets, you may be required to obtain and produce either an Interstate (Domestic) or International Health Certificate based on the health restrictions imposed at the destination point of entry.

Our veterinarians at North River Animal Hospital are certified and able to assist pet owners who need to obtain an USDA-APHIS Health Certificate which is the verifying governmental agency that endorses whether a pet is “fit to travel”.

We highly recommend that you contact our office well in advance of your travel dates so that we can help determine what vaccinations, diagnostic testing and documentation is required before your travels. Some countries require that blood titer tests be obtained months before the intended departure date while different airlines may require other documentation for your pet’s travel in addition to one of the APHIS Health Certificates.

Please call our office at 941-845-4448 if you need assistance navigating this process. We will be more than happy to help with accommodating your travel needs.

For more information regarding specific entry requirements for pets traveling either domestically or to destinations around the world, please click on the USDA link below: