Exam for Sick or Injured Pets

Having a sick or injury pet can cause great stress to pet owners concerned for the well-being of their beloved dog or cat. At North River Animal Hospital, we are fully prepared to care for and treat your sick pet. During office hours, we are always staffed with a full-time veterinarian and a highly-skilled veterinary support team and fully-equipped with four large exam rooms, advance digital radiology, in-house laboratory equipment and a surgical suite.

Most importantly, our caring and compassionate veterinary team, will warmly welcome your sick pet at a moment’s notice either by scheduling an appointment with one of our doctors or by receiving your sick pet on a walk-in basis.

We also offer a drop-off service for your convenience. In order for us to best accommodate our clients with this service, we ask that you call ahead so that we know you are on your way and can begin preparing for your pet’s care.

Upon arrival, a veterinary technician will immediately asses your pet’s condition and will triage appointments based on your pet’s presenting symptoms. Once your dog or cat meets with one of our doctors and undergoes a thorough examination, a treatment plan will be developed if further diagnostic testing is needed such as bloodwork or an x-ray study.